5 House Situation In Which We Will Buy

If there’s a situation with your house, real estate agents and other buyers will label your property as a difficult sell. Our team at Heels Homes is ready to buy your property in whatever condition it is for a fair price, even if it’s in any of these conditions. We buy houses in as-is condition. Get cash offers fast with us, with no fees or charges.


1. Damaged Homes

If your house has suffered damages by accidents or natural occurrences, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to worry about costly repairs; at Heels Homes, we buy houses as-is. You’ll get fast cash offers at fair prices for your property. You cross out “sell my house fast” from your priority list with us.

2. Old Homes

Frequently, owners of old homes worry about upgrading their property to raise their value and make them appealing to buyers. House maintenance and repair are costly, especially for old houses. You don’t have to worry about modernizing your property to get excellent cash offers with us.

At Heels Homes, we buy houses in as-is condition. There’s no need to waste time and money upgrading your old house. You can receive great offers for it fast with us.

3. Facing Foreclosure

In housing, foreclosure is the legal process in which a lender seeks to recover the balance of a loan that a borrower has stopped paying by selling the property. It’s a tough reality many people go through. Foreclosure can last months and will leave a negative impact on your credit history.

Property owners can solve this by selling and paying off their debts, but this can only be useful if done fast. Heels Homes is your place to go. With us, you’ll get your first offers within 24 hours. We also give cash for homes, which greatly accelerate the buying process. This way, you’ll be able to pay off your mortgage debts fast.

4. Inherited Homes

There are many types of inherited property. There is a property of the beneficiary. There’s a property on probate, a legal process to determine what will happen with it. Be it the former or the latter; at Heels Homes, we buy houses fast. If any debt or legal fee has to be paid or any dispute settled, we are the best option because we give fast and fair offers, free of fees for the property as-is.

5. Job Transfer

Changing houses due to a job transfer can be stressful. You might be on a tight budget and schedule. Your most practical solution is Heels Homes. We buy Columbus homes for sale, fast for cash. Don’t miss out on opportunities and move out with the fair amount of cash your property is worth. With us, you can sell your house fast for cash.

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Don’t worry more if you’re in any of these or other situations. Heels Homes is your solution. Rest assured, we’ll get you a fair cash offer for your real estate. Solve any property problem by selling in the most efficient way possible. Get in touch today.

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